It has been an absolutely astonishing fortnight for me, as I travelled to Blackpool beach in two separate weeks to see one of nature’s most amazing spectacles: starling murmurations.

Possibly hundreds of thousands of birds, flocking to the North Pier there at sunset, where they sleep for the night every winter.

Wave upon wave of hundreds of birds arrive, appearing over the rooftops of the Promenade from wherever they’ve been inland during the day.

It is an incredible and surreal experience, and I recommend everyone seek one out at some point in their lives, to revel in the show that ensues.

It lifts the heart.

Different every time, and unpredictable, the birds have preferred roosting spots all around the UK, and in winter our native birds are joined by many many more from overseas which migrate here to feed and survive in our more temperate winter months. I think I can safely say this is the most starlings I have ever seen gathering at the Blackpool roost in all the years I’ve been going.

For now, a short video and a handful of images from my visits. I will compile a gallery of photos I made soon. Awesome experience!