My photography is more fruitful when I am on my own. That is, at least, the images I make when I’m out alone in the wild.

The fast action candid shots are a different beast altogether.

This place, with its pool loaded with (I presume) calcium oxide, or calcite, is a quiet spot I go to from time to time. A blast of colour therapy.

Occasional distant explosions are heard, and the sound of passing trucks on gravel. Aside from that there are few distractions, so your eye is drawn to the pool.

I have to time my visits right, as it’s only in bright sun when the water really plays. With each footstep beside the pool the hue of the water alters, according to depth and the light overhead. I made some images here last week, enjoying the sun, the primroses and the birds on the bank. The trees on the side are just begining to burst bud: fresh lime greens against these blues.

So here I am, beside a pool that’s turquoise because it’s laced with the limestone remains of sea creatures from a shallow tropical sea which was here over 300 million years ago.

I’ll bring a gallery together soon.